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Google Pandemonium

Starting from February 2011 of this year, Google started unleashing a few new updates to its infamous search engines. This update was known as the Google “Panda” or “Farmer” update to most people and is important for a few reasons. Impacting over 2% of all the major searches done throughout the world, this update is something to be reckoned with.

What does Google want now?

Sadly, as usual….Google wants quality! For all the pages that have low quality or irrelevancy to the topic at hand, Google wants to throw you out. It’s a vicious way of doing things but it makes a lot of sense when we look at it from Google’s point of view. Google has billions of websites to go through and it’s becoming hard for them to figure out what the customers or searchers find useful or helpful.

Google doesn’t want much from us from this update besides focusing on quality. Doing the “shotgun” method of just aiming your off page optimization tricks anywhere and everywhere hoping that Google will give you some love is NOT going to work anymore. If you thought it was hard before, you have no idea how difficult it will be as these alogrithms have changed drastically.

How many updates are there?

Google has made it seemingly clear that this is their long term plan to refine their search engine. Instead of making one update in February and just leaving things as is, they have constantly been fine tuning their search engines since then. A list of the updates are below:

  • Panda Update 1.0 – February 2011
  • Panda Update 2.0 – April 2011
  • Panda Update 2.1 – May 2011
  • Panda Update 2.2 – June 2011

Shall we panic?

Google has definitely structured their search engines wheels very differently and these changes are going to be hard to get accustomed too. Let’s look at some facts though before we start to hit the panic button.

  • Has your website lost its search engine placement on a lot of keywords?
  • Is your website generating ALL it’s off page optimization through the source of low quality resources?
  • Are your pages irrelevant and written for the search engines?

If you answered No to all these questions, then it is an extremely good sign. However, if on the contrary you have answered yes to few or all of these questions listed above, then it is crucial to incorporate the new changes made by Google into your off page optimization. It is a great idea to chase after relevancy and high quality (even if it means you can do 3 or 4 a month) in comparison to generating 100 or 200 back links in the same manner.

Preparing for the Panda

Plain and simple, drop the low quality irrelevant back links and other off page optimization techniques that are being used and start fishing for the best of the best. 1 quality back link will undoubtedly surpass 1,000 low quality irrelevant back links in a heart beat with these Panda updates! Our leading SEO California experts have also determined another huge in the Google panda system.

Article submission sites like Squidoo, Ezine, and other writing sources that are beneficial for search engine optimization have catapulted to the bottom. Google has recognized how simple it is to put up an article on these sites and get some points in the search engine placement calculator. Thus, Google has decided that this is also low quality and doesn’t deserve to have a weightage on their search engine calculator.

Focusing our attention away from article submissions is the best thing to do and moving our SEO campaigns toward social networks will benefit us far more greatly! Doing article submissions wouldn’t be a bad idea if it is done at a very rationed proportion only on very relevant and high quality sites. We would recommend not to do it on a site with multiple categories but rather on a site focused on one kind of articles only to help show Google your understanding of relevancy!

The road ahead…

It has become very evident what Google wants to achieve for the world of search in the future. In the simplest of words, Google is making the search engines for the searcher. They want to provide a valuable and insightful search engine experience to anyone looking for information, ideas, products, services, and even individuals. It’s crucial to make a website design for the people and not the search engines.

When shaping your search engine optimization campaigns, quality and relevancy are two things that are a must have to have long term success. Google Panda is not DONE with these updates and will continue to make a drastic change on the search engines for the rest of the year. It’s time to get the facts together and step up the quality of your SEO campaign if you want to be placed highly on the search engines!


Hiring a superb web developer!

Whether you are looking to hire a web developer for your own business or just for a project, it’s really difficult to choose between everyone. Finding a great web developer is sadly a needle in a haystack while finding a competent one to get the job done isn’t so difficult. A lot of times the questions we get from other companies and individuals is, “I have 30 resumes….they all look the same, Who do I choose?” The answer to a question like this is very hard for us to tell anyone over the phone. As a leading San Diego Web Development company, we have gone through quite a few employees and know what too and not too look for.

You shouldn’t be only looking for an employee that will fulfill your requirements and needs but rather someone that will make the people happy. Your business strives to develop projects for other people and someone who’s interested in a job needs to be aware of that. Often, you will find that these interviewers are only worried about impressing you and just doing things your way. It’s good to do things the company way, but at some extent you have too reach the clients goals and needs as well.

Below, we are going to list a few good characteristics and interview tricks that can be used when hiring a web developer for your project or company. These aren’t always going to guide you to a stellar web developer but it will help you a lot! Just keep one thing in mind, the hiring process is a 100% trial and error session. You don’t think companies like Google and Amazon just stuck with every single person they hired.

1. Personality – Are they outgoing? Are they shy? Are they relaxed and laid back? Are they fidgety? There is a lot of things that go into the hiring of an employee. Not only are they just going to do work for you and your clients but they are going to be in the office with you on a long term basis. Not only does he have to be capable of doing the work, but he’s got to have a charming personality. You always want to be around someone bubbly and filled with energy that can make your bad days, not so bad.

2. Attitude – Are they optimistic? Or are they pessimistic? Do they look for the good in every project or person? Are they just looking to get things done for the sake of money? Is this another drab of a job? These are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself about the interviewer before you make a final decision. If someone is here to work a 9 to 5 job, they are going to work more of a 11 to 2 job and not achieve the results that your company/clients will expect. It’s crucial to find someone with a good attitude that is looking to achieve the best results in every project.

3. Passion – Are they passionate of the job? Are they here because their parents are making them take this job? What do they love? If they don’t love the job that they are applying for, hiring them will be a HUGE mistake. You can’t get someone to provide you good results on something they aren’t dedicated too. If this job becomes a chore for them, managing them will become a bigger chore for you!

4. Skill - They are joining to work for your business, obviously. You can’t let them slide….and give them a job based on their personality, attitude, or love for the job. They have to show you results and the skills that they have developed over their career. There are a few good ways of testing their skills before you make the final decision. You can have them sit down with an existing developer and let that developer grade his skills. You can also have them take a 40 or 50 question test related to their expertise and see how many they get right.

Selecting a web developer is a very important role in your web design company. They are not only going to be communicating with the customers itself, but they will be maintaining a huge role in the work place. It’s vital to keep this in mind and make a solid hire that will stay with your company (trouble-free) for a long time! JB Media Force’s always filling to help you out and if you have any problems or questions regarding your interviewers, feel free to shoot us an email at: and we will try our best to help you out!


The Brutal Importance of Videos

Videos are changing the world of internet, and it’s doing so very fast. Not only are the search engines giving more appreciation towards videos, but us real people like them a lot more than text as well. The world used to be based on reading and gaining knowledge through the means of words and books. Lately, graphics and videos are the trending factors that account into gathering much needed information for ourselves.

Videos can be used in many different ways and for multiple purposes. As an innovative San Diego video production company, JB Media Force has developed and marketed videos for companies on various industries. Our videos are orchestrated to help your business, product, or service convey information to a large audience of people. If you can help people visualize and gain knowledge from your videos, there is nothing like it!

Popular search engines like Google have recently added a huge weightage on all websites that incorporate videos into their social media and search engine optimization campaigns. Google knows that customers and consumers all over the world prefer seeing the products/services a business has to offer rather than read about it. Thus, Google decided to meet the peoples requirements and now wants businesses to portray themselves through the means of videos.

If you have recently noticed how much of a headache it is to log into Youtube, you can also blame Google for this. Google had to do something big and revolutionize the world of search yet again, so they went to Youtube. Youtube and Google have partnered up and are now working together to focus more on video optimization through the search engines. If your company isn’t producing videos on an ongoing basis that is entertaining, your rankings will begin to progressively drop.

These videos don’t have to be very long, they can range anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. If you can have a voice following with the video presentation, than obviously that is a huge advantage. As long as you can just get your products, services, and brand out there, you will be doing yourself a huge favor! Not only will the search engines love you, but your customers/consumers who are spending hours on video sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and others….will also find your videos and possibly purchase what you have to sell.


Gettin’ That Perfect Design!

One of the most recommended marketing tools for establishing a solid online presence is a website which can improve the online base of your business. Designing and developing a website has now become an important mainstream marketing strategy for any company thinking about long term success. One of the most important features of business development is a strong website that can outline their services.

California web design company, JB Media Force will work toward your goals and requirements to develop a solid online presence of your website. JB Media Force will find out what your company does and HOW it operates in the business world. We first sit down and learn about your business and its methods, then we employ our web design skills to highlight your company.

Website design is a critical aspect for any group or business that wants to extend itself and prepare themselves for a long term period. Our experts design websites in a very custom manner to tailor your business. If you want a perfect design that will generate you business and actually HELP your business, then you need to find a designer like JB Media Force.

Why are we able to help you get that perfect design? We actually take our time to learn what you do and how you do it, so once we begin designing your website….we know how things work! We are going to make you a website that will be beneficial to your company on the online world while not taking anything away from your business. It is very crucial to have a design that reflects your brand, company, and identity all in one. When people come to your website, within 5 seconds (without reading), they should be able to know exactly what you do, how you do it, and how they can get to your services!

This is the specialty that JB Media Force has developed over the years and continues to help individuals and businesses of all varieties. The truth is, anyone can design a website just like anyone can cook. However, the difference is all in the quality of work that is received. JB Media Force gives you top quality work at an affordable price just like that amazingly delicious steak you are eating for dinner! We hold no compromises during the development of your website. Contact us today and get started!


The Mobile Revolution! Hold On Tight….

Oh boy, I feel something upon us…

Oh yes! The mobile world is taking off quicker then ever. It seems like just yesterday we were viewing the much anticipated release of the iPhone (1st one) and today we are talking about the release of the iPhone 5. Holy moly, time just seems to fly by. Now it’s just an upgraded phone with a bit of new features and new applications, what’s so great about this? Well the mobile platform has TAKEN off in the last few years! When we say taken off, we really mean taken off!

The whole world lives and dies through the use of their cell phones and it has become more important to some people then having a roof above their head. That’s definitely saying something! People are on their mobile phones while eating, working, learning, and worst of all while driving. Mobile phones are becoming an engraved part of everyone’s daily life. The reason for this recent uprising is due to a few different factors which are listed below:

  • It Can Do Everything – Yeah, you are right….the mobile phones can literally almost do everything in that tiny screen! From communicating the world, to updating your status, to emailing your clients…it can literally do something for everyone.
  • Everyone’s In On It – It’s just not the kids who are addicted to their mobile phones anymore. Blackberry, Android, iPhone, and other major phone companies have come out with strategic features and applications that appeal to children and adults of all sizes and ages!
  • On The Go – The best part of the mobile phone is that you can do anything and everything you like while living your daily life. You don’t have to crouch up inside a desk to look up a great place to eat or turn on the television to find out the headlines! Everything can be done through one device that fits in the palm of your hands.

What Can We Do To Benefit?

Speaking strictly from a business perspective, the opportunities to convert from this are unimaginable. Not only can you appeal to a whole NEW target that doesn’t face a lot of competition, but you can do it in a very strategic manner. Here at JB Media Force, a keen mobile website California company has deployed specific strategies that allow our customers to get ahead of the race!

Unless you have an idea/business that is one in a million, chances are there are lots of others who do what you do! With the highly competitive market and era that has dawned upon us, the only reasonable solution to this is to beat out your competitors. One of the greatest ways to beat out your competitors is through the creation of a mobile website. If you have a website that is specifically designed and developed for the mobile phone, then your mobile phone will automatically prefer you over your competitors!


The Devil Lies In The Design

My Online Website Won’t Get Any Sales!

Have you thought about in depth what the possible reasons could be for the lack of sales on your website? There are lots of reasons that can hinder a website from reaching and acquiring the success it wants. A lot of your website has to do with the way it looks and conceals itself to the rest of the world.

Your website is your baby and to you it seems like there is nothing wrong with it. However, have you taken some time to see what other “successful” websites are doing differently? One of the best ways to improve your companies performance individually is done through constant comparisons. Yeah, your mother told you growing up…”don’t care about what the others are doing, just live your own life”, but in the online world measuring up to the success is a really good thing to do.

You don’t need to consider it copying or even comparing but instead looking up to your role models and see how you can be better than them. Every website, every individual, every business has some kind of imperfection and thus its best to take the good and run with it as far as you can. Websites that are generating successful results on a long term basis are doing a lot more than it looks. One of the things that almost all successful websites have achieved is a simple, professional, and modern design that don’t send people cringing away.

How To Get This Design?

Well, the best way to stay up to date and manage with the trends of today is through constantly updating your website. Websites are like a pair of jeans. One year skinny jeans are in and the next year baggy jeans are in! It’s really hard keeping track but that is why you let the “fashionistas” or “web gurus” like JB Media Force help keep up with the world for you.

The honest truth of successful websites lies within the design. Many people become too attached to one design and have trouble moving forward but it’s like that childhood blanket, you are eventually going to have to let it go and move on! The same goes for your website. Yeah, that design with the Flash and music was amazing 3 years ago but people now a days do NOT want to see that.

As the leading California web design firm here in Los Angeles, JB Media Force has experts that are constantly following the trends of the wild wild web! We not only watch what the popular trends are but what trends, designs, features, and ideas are generating companies the most business! We keep up with the formation of the online world so you don’t have to take your time in doing so. Let JB Media Force help generate your online business the success and results it needs!


Maintenance Makes the Difference!

Maintenance…? What a waste of money!

Wrong, maintenance is NOT a waste of money. You buy that 2011 Toyota Corolla and you automatically assume that this car will run for you without any problems for a solid 100,00 miles. 20,000 miles hit, you stall on the freeway and then a reality check sets in. While you sit at the mechanics office to figure out how your beloved Toyota could just “die” out like that at 20,000 miles. The mechanic comes to you and asks, “Whens the last time you got an oil change done for this car?”, and you respond with “What’s an oil change?”

A website is very similar to a car in that it needs to be constantly maintained and update to last in the long run. Just like the Toyota Corolla who had the best ride of its life for the first 20,000 miles….then came crashing down, your website will do very well in the short term but if it is NOT maintained, it will eventually tank like the car. Waiting 20,000 miles to do an oil change will probably cost thousands in repairs whereas maintaining the car every 3,000 miles would have only been a mere $20 each time.

Your website is essentially same in this regard. You can spend a lump sum and get a brilliant website done and do nothing to your website for 3 years. Then 3 years later you will find out that your website is obsolete and nobody visits it anymore (not even the Google spiders). Now you are so far back in the trend that there is no hope in “saving” your website and you must fully reconstruct the whole website. That price tag is going to be a LOT harder on you than if you were to update your site every few months to keep up with the trends of the online world.

Think Long Term

The number one mistake people make is that they do NOT think long term. People who are successful on a consistent basis are always thinking of the future and how they can prep themselves for it. Having a website is a great asset for your company, but managing it is a necessity to keep up with the competition and consumer trends. JB Media Force, a web maintenance California guru has seen the eye popping success our customers have with well maintained websites.

We offer ongoing maintenance work in many different packages. Whether you are looking to update your website monthly, quarterly, annually, or yearly….JB Media Force offers a various amount of packages and plans that will benefit you and your business in the long run! Our website maintenance services include optimizing pages, cleaning out pages, checking pages/content, keeping it virus-free, installing the latest software, and much more.


The Portfolio Perception

What is a portfolio?

In simplest terms, a portfolio is defined as a set of work done by a company or individual that is worthy of being shown to potential customers. Almost everything thing in the web design world revolves around your portfolio and who you service. If you service a Forbes 500 company, then you got the skills (or so it seems).
Before getting a website done for your company, it is hugely important that you see past websites done by the web firms you are potentially considering to hire. Their are a lot of things that can be discovered through the portfolio of a web design company. This “discovery” process is what can make or break your website and its design.

Look Out!

JB Media Force is a pioneer website design California company that is dedicated in achieving successful results on every single project. With thousands of projects down our throats, we have a really good idea of what works and doesn’t work in the designing field. Not only is your designing skills important, but your style needs to match with the person that wants to hire you. Look below for a list of things that are important to be aware of when browsing through a portfolio.

  • Style – You know what you like and you want it to be done in a certain way. Chances are if there isn’t many things in your “style” in their portfolio, then this firm is not the right one for you. Every designer or company has their own touch and it’s important to find a touch that matches YOUR needs.
  • Past Projects – Look at the quality of the past projects, it’s not very hard to see whether a website looks good or not. Content is all relevant to the customers but the design is fully done by the company. If they don’t have a high quality design on more then half their projects, then move to the next firm!
  • Services Areas – What clients have they serviced? Do any of their projects in the portfolio resemble a similar service area as yours? If so, then this may definitely be a good choice for your website because they will have the experience and knowledge ready to go.
  • Diggin’ for Discounts – If they haven’t done a website in a similar service area like yours or if your idea is completely unique, you can strategically use this to your advantage. Many of the premier web design companies like JB Media Force offer a “portfolio discount” for a new or unique idea.

What can all this do for you?

All of these things are extremely vital points to remember when hunting for your web design company. This isn’t always going to guarantee you a professionally designed website that will replicate your ideas, but it sure HELPS to keep these points in mind when you are looking for this “perfect” designer. A portfolio is one of the most important things a web design company has and if they take care of their portfolio, then they will most likely take care of you as well.


Speed – Does this really matter on Google?

Just when you thought you knew it all….

Speed tests have been a very popular token in recent months. What on earth does the speed of a website have to do with Google? As crazy as it sounds, Google has actually begun running speed tests on every single website ranked in its search engine and is actually putting a bit of weightage on the speed of your website. In the past it did not matter how slow or quick your website loaded, it simply mattered about how many links you could build mixed with a strong optimization of your websites content. Now a days, due to the overwhelming number of users and websites attempting to grasp the number one position on Google, there has been a lot of changes that have been taking place to counter this effect.

Now that speed has been incorporated as one of the key factors that can either help or damage your rankings (depending on your speed ofcourse), what exactly can you do to manage this? Well, the first and foremost thing that must be done is finding out what your existing speeds are. There are a lot of websites that will tell you how quick or slow your page loads and these sites can be found pretty easily. Here is a link to a website that does a stellar job of finding out your websites loading speed – This is probably the most accurate place to check your sites speed because it seems that this is the same tool that Google uses in determining it as well.

But why Google?

Google is very sporadic in its thinking, methods, and search engine process. Not only is it extremely strict, but it is also strangely random at some times. Over the years we have seen search engine optimization go from being something simple and easy to define to something that leaves many people scratching their heads. As usual the question is, why would Google care about speed test? Well Google’s personal theory on this subject is that users that are searching for products, services, or information online will want a website that will load quickly. According to their theoretical thinking, a website that loads faster will have more appeal to the person searching for that website, regardless of whether the website is actually what the searcher is looking for.

Although, this seems like more of a “dumb” pressure point placed by Google on something that seems very miniscule and not so important….as usual we must follow these rules or get thrown out! Google is at the place where they control almost everything including us. The best thing to do is follow Google as closely as possible and obey them like they are unsung hero or master. We are definitely free to live our own way and say “Screw You Google!” and as good as that may sound, at the end of the day we won’t be ranking on Google. If we aren’t ranking on Google, then that essentially ends our online life.

What can we do?

We must follow Google and satisfy the monster to continue our company’s strives towards success. Regardless of whether we like it or not, we don’t have much of a choice but to follow Google as closely as possible. They want quicker pages, we must be give them quicker pages or forever be punished for not having it. The pressure of having a well-ranked website on Google has become a lot more dependent on your online marketer and your web designer. If your web designer can’t make a professional & creative website while allowing for it to load quickly, then your Google rankings have automatically lost a few points without your online marketer having anything under his control.

JB Media Force, the top SEO California agency provides the full web services required to be successful on the online world. Our whole company follows the search engine side of things and are aware of what needs to be done to ensure you the highest rate of success online. A website that doesn’t have a strong placement on the search engines really has no purpose. That is why JB Media Force designs professional & creative websites that load fast while maintaining a strong look and feel. If you want successful results at affordable prices, look no further then JB Media Force.