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Turn It Up!

Pushing Your Company

Whether you’re a start up, a mid-sized business, or a huge corporation, you already know how important being online is for you! One major mistake made by businesses of all sizes is trying to figure out when to turn up the advertising for their company. Major companies like Google, Amazon, and others have found an advertising method to push their brand.

Do I agree with this? Hell no. Let me tell you why I think the way I do. Picking specific times to market your company harder than others is what can make the difference between whether your company makes a profit in a given year or doesn’t. The big companies can afford to advertise and push their company throughout the year because they already make enough to have to worry about it.

The Analysis

For someone that has to go on a monthly basis while keeping a close watch on their expenses and revenue, this will make a huge difference! Let’s move to why I think the way I think. Most of you are familiar with Google Analytics by now and know that this is a website tracker that tells you where your traffic comes from. Now being the search engine optimization California experts that we are, we sit down and track this data for a lot of our clients.

We almost always find a common pattern in this data among our clients unless they are running some kind of huge bonanza in a given period of time. Now this data can really help someone who is potentially thinking of pouring money into pay per click advertisement, yelp advertising, or any other source of advertisement.

Productive Advertising

When should you advertise? Well you should probably advertise in the months where you are predicted to have a decrease in orders. Plain and simple these are the periods that generate the most business and here is why we believe it to be so!

January – April: This is the start of the year, everyone is excited and well energized from a nice Christmas break! People come back with new goals that they want to achieve for their business and are ready to get occupied with work. This is the quarter when sales are the highest because people are refreshed and ready to get things done. This is a quarter when advertising should be turned down to maximize profits.

May – August: This is the quarter where people are getting exhausted and tired of work. The summer months are coming and people are looking to get away for a few days on vacation and the focus on work begins to decrease heavily. This is the time when your customers won’t be coming to you so it’s CRUCIAL that you go to your customers by upping your advertising budgets.

September – December: This time period is often overlooked by many as a time when people are too preoccupied with the holiday season to approach your business. WRONG! September is the month where the kids are off to school and the adults get a chance to focus in on their work while their kids are off at school for 6-7 hours. Aside from December, this is a time period where the sales can really benefit immensely because your customers will be coming to you looking for your products/services.


So what should you do? Well if it isn’t obvious from what’s been stated above….focus your business in this pattern. The first and last quarters of the year seem to be the most productive for businesses and thus is the time period that outside advertising should be kept at a minimum to maximize your profits. In the middle quarter, finding ways to get your companies ideas and services out to your client is vital if you plan to survive and meet your yearly goals!


Dells Business Contest

JB Media Force is proud to present the innovative and exciting company that they are backing this year in Dells Business Contest! Basically Dell throws this event every year in a partnership with Microsoft, MasterCard, and other big name companies to help small businesses live their dreams.

When the leading flash animation California firm found out about this exciting event, you bet they were excited and looking to get into the piece of the action! This year, JB Media Force is proud to be backing one of the most intriguing and creative businesses in the contest. Some of the businesses entering this contest are doing it for the glory, the others are doing it for the money, but this company in particular is doing it for the fun of winning!

The company that we are backing in this years contest is called Call Renee Estate Liquidation. What does this company do? Well they do something that very few other people in the world do, they have a 12,000 sq. ft. collection of antiques and collectibles that they sell for extremely low prices! Not only is the stuff they have unique & cool…but some of their pieces are one of a kind!

Let’s help out our friends at Call Renee Estate Liquidation and help them pick up a huge win in this contest! The contest permits people to vote once a day until October 9th (which is the deadline for the competition). Not only would I appreciate this, but Renee and her partners would also LOVE it if you could out their and help them get on top of this contest!

To vote for Renee or any other participants in this Dell Business project, click here or visit: To view the other contestants and their videos, just simply click the arrow tabs side to side and feel free to place a vote towards any of these contestants! Remember you can vote once a day until October 9th so use up your freedom to vote!


Why Google Loves PPC Marketing

Brilliance At Its Best

Google is brilliant, we already know that…but they are smart in sneaky ways. Ever heard of pay per click advertising? This is one of the things that makes Google millions of dollar and so many individuals and businesses fall for this sneaky trap that has been set by them. Sure, it sounds great…you advertise yourself on top of the search engines and you pay every time someone clicks your ad.

But who really is clicking your ad? Is it your customers or could it be the other guys? Well facts say 1/4 times someone clicks your pay per click ad on Google, they have no intention of getting whatever your website has to offer. As the leading SEO Santa Cruz company, we do offer pay per click advertising services to our customers but we highly recommend AGAINST it.

What’s So Bad About PPC?

  • Bid War – You are bidding against your competitors for what spot you hold on specific keywords. There is no way of controlling “who” clicks on your advertisement and how many times they click on it. To save $1 a click, your competitors will click your ads until your budget is used up for the month & they will repeat this process every month.
  • Time Frame – You don’t get to keep your ad at the top of the search engines for the whole month unless you are willing to cough up a LOT of money to Google to maintain that position. You are paying not only 2 to 3 times as much as you would for SEO, but your ad isn’t guaranteed to stay on the search engines for any specific period of time.
  • Are Your Customers Looking? – Well people typically understand and already know that these are ads and they simply decide to overlook them. It’s like watching television, the moment your show changes into a commercial, you are looking for something else because you simply hate commercials. Pay per click advertisements are the same way, people just look at them as an ad and don’t pay much attention to them.

What Does Google Get?

They get your money ofcourse! They promote pay per click advertising by giving you $75 coupons and other things because nothing makes Google more money than through people paying for the top positions on certain keywords. There are millions of words in the world that are searched on a daily basis and keywords range around $1-$8 a click!

Can you imagine how much money Google is making a month? The best part of all this is that Google actually makes a significant amount of money from competitors that click out the budgets of other websites. Google is taking your money through pay per click advertising because they want to sell it like the “easy” method of getting high search engine positioning.

What Does JB Media Force Think?

As tempting as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising may seem to you, simply don’t fall for Google’s evil trap! There are big name companies like Amazon, Ford, and Hyundai that have found it much more profitable to organically rank their website through (SEO) rather than PPC just because of how much money they were pouring in!

If you want to save your money and get better results (which I’m sure everyone would love to do), stay away from pay per click advertising. The better advertising venue is to use organic search engine optimization to generate traffic to your website. JB Media Force can offer you affordable solutions to not only get you potential customers to your website, but keep your position on the search engines for a long time period!


The Fatal Attraction To Facebook

The world is in love with Facebook. It doesn’t matter if its a 10 year old, a 30 year old entrepreneur, or a 70 year old retired woman…..everyone loves Facebook! Is Facebook going to replace Google? Well….that would be a bit of crazy talk but Facebook is making a huge impact on the world.

Facebook is like a fist fight in high school, when two teenagers are getting ready to throw it down……everybody in the whole campus (aside from teachers) are there ready to watch! Facebook is the same thing, it started off as a small project catering to just colleges around the United States. People saw, they were amazed, and now everybody’s joined in on the fun!

Your business is just like that high school student waiting for something dramatic to happen to bright up your school day! You don’t just want to watch the “fight” from a distance but rather through a front row seat. Well with Facebook it’s the same thing…anybody can join and make a Facebook but ONLY a few businesses/individuals are doing it RIGHT.

Why do it right?

Well you see….everyone has Facebook especially the younger generation. If you have a business, you want to be prepared for the future…maybe 10 years down the line. The average age group on Facebook is between the ages of 15-18 years! What does that tell you about this age group in 10 years? In 10 years they will be entering the job world requiring the services that YOU have to offer.

As the leading San Diego web design experts, JB Media Force has learned a little something about the world of Facebook. The kids on Facebook love to spend money and shop, so if you can place your business strategically with a creative & professional look….your business is going to generate a lot of money from the social media networks.

I love Facebook, you love Facebook, so your business should really be on Facebook too! Everybody is in love with Facebook and the best part about Facebook is that you can communicate your ideas, services, ideals, and products to the whole entire social media world! Not only is the US highly involved on Facebook, but any country or island with computer & internet access is actively browsing the social media networks, specifically Facebook.

What to do?

Well in simplest terms, the world on Facebook is growing and the way for your business to make the next steps would be through Facebook as well! You don’t have to go out and spend thousands of dollars to get yourself on Facebook, businesses like JB Media Force provide cost-effective methods to get your business on Facebook!

It’s not the end of the world if your business is still not on Facebook in a professional manner, it’s better late than never….so we definitely recommend taking action and pushing towards a greater tomorrow through Facebook!


Profitable SEO Methods, What Are They? Well…We Wrote a Book About It…


Oh yeah, the rumors are true…we just had our own book published online very recently! A huge thank you to the CEO and writer of the book, Jeet Banerjee for putting together yet another work of art. So enough about us and our little ole’ achievements, lets talk about how this book can HELP you!

Okay…so the book is $2.99 but so is a cup of coffee at Starbucks. This book can definitely do things that a cup of coffee can’t do for you! Frankly, this book is one of the most helpful resources one can have for their SEO. You don’t need to be a search engine optimization expert to read this book because honestly anybody can use this book to help them with their online goals.

So…What’s It About?

Well in short, this book is completely about search engine optimization. Our San Diego SEO expert Jeet Banerjee, put this book together to help people who are practicing the wrong SEO methods. Ranking on the search engines is great especially if you have some professional doing it for you, but have you questioned to think about their methods?

It’s just like any other thing in life….we are accustomed to believing what our authorities tell us, but how many times are we right about it? This book highlights the key mistakes that are made on “purpose” by SEO professionals, which cause you to lose tons of profit that can be gained from the search engines.

Now….if I spill too much of the beans here, I will definitely be in a lot of trouble….but the book doesn’t just talk about what search engine optimization is (it does here and there) but rather it tells you what to avoid and what techniques to use to make sure you meet your online goals!


This is a damn good book that is recommended to everyone who is trying to get visible on the search engines. I’m not just saying this because my colleague wrote this book but rather because even I found interest in this book. It’s hard for me to open a book and go woah…okay this seems really cool, I’m going to finish this book.

This isn’t the worlds longest book or the most tedious book to read, it’s actually factual evidence that teaches you how to make more money. Honestly, who doesn’t love making money? This book is honestly all about making money through the search engines. True your search engine campaign may be making you some sort of money but how would you like to triple the money coming in from the search engines?

If you would like to triple the money you can possible make from the search engines and just learn about the common malpractices committed in the world of SEO, this book is definitely one for you to read! This book comes as an E-Book in a PDF format making it very simple to purchase and read! To purchase the book, simply click here!


Logos – Your Heart & Soul

What is a logo?

Okay, we know we are killing some of you with this question and answer but it’s really important to define what a logo really is. The dictionary or other reference books will define the word “logo” as a symbol or small design that is used by an organization or business to identify themselves, their products, services, or vehicles.

In the online world though, does a logo really mean the same thing? Does a logo really go so much into depth that it is the life of your product? No, online the logo can’t really identify your products or services but it can do a few other very influential things to promote your online business.

The logo is basically the heart and soul of your website and online platform regardless of what your company does. Yes, it’s great to have customers purchase from you or find you but identifying a business like Fedex or Taco Bell or other popular franchises are so EASY because of what they have done over the years. Your online logo is the same thing!

What does my logo mean?

Let’s be realistic, if you don’t know what your own logo means…you are in a lot of trouble. A lot of people like to create a logo that has internal or personal meaning to them, but when a stranger sees the logo…they are completely confused. Logos are not FOR you but for your business, which is for the consumers/customers. Our San Diego graphic design firm has had a well renowned background for establishing superb logos for clients on the online platform..

Your logo has to do a lot of things for your business in as little space as possible. Logos have to be simple, effective, and professional while maintaining a strong sense of originality. Your logo has to represent your company name, services/products, and anything else you can possibly fit in their. A logo is just not the “images” you mix together but rather the smooth combination of the company name, slogan, and image to be uniformly formed as one.

If you are trying to make a logo as small as possible, you can’t possibly use 4-5 different images to explain your companies goals. You have to mix it up through the use of pictures and a slogan that is catchy as hell. Ever watched the “Pep Boys” commercials? If you haven’t, you really should watch those commercials just once. That jingle at the end of the commercial gets stuck in my head for hours on end….and it’s just from 10 seconds!

Successful logos..

Good logos are simple. This is the best advice you can find from anywhere and anybody. You don’t have to have a revolving 3D logo with glitter and fireworks to brand your company well on the online platform. As long as the key points listed below are embedded into your logo, you will have a VERY good chance of being successful online:

  • Slogan - Use one! Whether its a jingle, short phrase, or just something that rhymes…find something and use it. It really DOES you wonders to have a good slogan to follow your company name & images.
  • Fusion – The image can’t be a clip art copied and pasted into the side of your logo, that’s not a logo…that is garbage. You are striving to be the best in your industry and in the world, you have to spend the extra time in creating a logo that will reflect that. Your logo needs to be a fusion of the slogan, images, and company name as 1. It should look uniform and flow smoothly!
  • Color – Your colors used on the logo have to be reflective of your business. If you aren’t running a circus, stay away from using a rainbow in your logo unless it REALLY reflects what your business does. The use of color schemes must always be stressed as something that is very important to consider in the creation of your logo.

Plain and simple…

Making a logo isn’t rocket science but it also is not child’s play. Sit down, etch out a drawing on paper about what you want for your logo. Not only that but you have to put your ideas together with the idea of others. An artist is TRULY required to make a good logo as the final product.

Choosing a logo shouldn’t be an individual choice but rather a cooperative choice that needs to be focused on leaving an impression on the customer. If you have a solid logo with a good slogan and easy to remember, your clients will indeed remember you! They will come find you in the future and be reminded of you at anytime they see your logo again!