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The Dare Devil Design

Got a crazy idea for a design on your website but not sure how the people will react? Well, everyone tells you throughout your life that it is OKAY to take a chance. The way the web works now a days is that you don’t have to do something “good” or even “sensible” to draw media attention. You see videos of little girls with dancing eyebrows picking up millions of views in just a few nights because it’s something “interesting” to them.

Creating a website with something out of the ordinary is never a bad thing. Even if it ends up being a complete fail (the design), your products and company is still put on the limelight if it can generate the proper media attention. Our San Diego Web Design company has been approached by many risk takers who have wanted to design and develop a website that is unique from the rest.

What exactly is a dare devil design is a common question people like to ask? There is no exact answer to this question. The best answer that we can provide for a dare devil design is a website that doesn’t follow the usual routine, layout, design, and setup. It does things that a website has never seen before either to better showcase/illustrate their companies views or just for the hell of it.

A dare devil design can be a big risk for many companies depending on their market. For any big firm in an industry where professionalism is highly hailed, it would not be recommended to make a dare devil design. However, if your industry is one in which creativity is extremely smiled upon, then why not take a shot at a dare devil design? Worst case you are generating hype for your company and website….and well that can’t be all that bad.

Overall, a dare devil design is something that any opportunist should definitely go after. If they feel that they can somehow benefit or bring their company or services into the lime light without damaging their brand, then it is an easy answer for them. This article was written by Jeet Banerjee.

Wap Vs App

Recently, our San Diego web design company decided to do a case study on the differences and similarities of wap’s vs app’s. Mobile Wap is definitely the way out now for the businesses across the globe to reduce costs and to increase their productivity and efficiency. If any Organization is looking to venture out into the mobile arena now it has to take the Wap way out rather than the app way. Building Native apps for different platforms is always tedious and takes up a lot of time as you will have to come up with different builds as well for all the different screen sizes of Mobile phones that run the specific OS (Predominantly Android, Symbian Anna and Windows).


Wap is surely to come up with more advancement in the technology to ensure that web apps will behave and look more like native apps so that the user gets a feel that it’s actually an app that is running on his phone. Yahoo has just started their journey towards it and have already announced yahoo Cocktails, a set of tools for the developers to build web apps rather than native apps.

Each mobile ecosystem has its own technology stack, its OS and its programming language. Wap is absolutely on the track to remove any hassle associated with the development of native apps. Also, development of native apps requires a different skill set and a development process but Wap (Web based apps) are an only solution to eradicate any obstacle for the development of the same app through the web way.

For organizations across the globe it becomes more sensible and technically more manageable to come up with web based apps rather than native apps. Presence of Wap takes the limitation of being confined to a platform out of question and provides cross platform compatibility.

Predominantly most of the apps available across the app stores of no matter which platform tends to access the internet, so for developers it makes more sense to develop and code web based apps rather than native apps that ends up taking more time. Most of the apps available on the app stores are mainly user for Shopping online, searching the internet and entertainment so why not a Web based app?

Wap for sure is in progress to completely wipe out the native apps from the market. Even though web based apps have been finding it a bit difficult to use the resources of the Mobile phone itself like the camera and Bluetooth, but companies like Yahoo and Mozilla Corporation are almost on the verge of coming up with tools and technologies for the developers concentrating on web based apps for them to develop wap version of apps that can easily access the resources of the phone.

Wap is definitely an infrastructure where data storage as well as data processing happens off-deck (off-deck refers to a function unavailable on the phone). This really means that now it’s possible for things to happen on the web rather than on the phone, just like any other web service you currently enjoy with the PC. That’s the only reason why improved Wapsites are cooler and smarter whereas apps are expensive and takes lot of time to develop.

If you are an innovative genius when it comes to marketing your brand – the above mentioned details on WAP vs. APP should be on your mind. In my opinion, do the perfect research, investigate opportunities and then come up with an answer that suits your business the best.