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StatFuse – Helps High School Students Get Into College of Their Dreams.

Have you heard the news? has officially launched on February unleashing one of the most highly anticipated websites of 2012 to the public! StatFuse is an absolutely free website allowing students to get into a college of their dreams using an array of tools that this FREE site offers.

Calculation allows high school students to essentially know whether or not they will be getting accepted into colleges all around the nation before they even submit their applications! StatFuse offers a tool known as the “Chanculator” & it’s definitely more than just a cool name. The chanculator allows students to enter their academic profile, family history, life outside of school, and basically anything else a normal college application would ask and then provides the student with an INSTANT percentage which reflects their chances of getting into that given school.

Not only that, but they offer a ton of other features that really help high school students out. You can fill out application decisions directly from their website, find out what colleges fit your needs best, get information about college tuitions, organize your hectic high school lives, and even find out what colleges/majors make you the most money! This website is an absolute life saver for anybody in high school….kinda makes me wish I was back in high school just so I could use this magnificent product!

I guarantee you guys that this is something you will not regret spending time on. Check this website out, they are absolutely free (for a limited time I hear) and see what they can do for you! It’s really an opportunity of a lifetime for any high school student who takes their college education seriously.