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Posted on September 22, 2011

Dells Business Contest

JB Media Force is proud to present the innovative and exciting company that they are backing this year in Dells Business Contest! Basically Dell throws this event every year in a partnership with Microsoft, MasterCard, and other big name companies to help small businesses live their dreams.

When the leading flash animation California firm found out about this exciting event, you bet they were excited and looking to get into the piece of the action! This year, JB Media Force is proud to be backing one of the most intriguing and creative businesses in the contest. Some of the businesses entering this contest are doing it for the glory, the others are doing it for the money, but this company in particular is doing it for the fun of winning!

The company that we are backing in this years contest is called Call Renee Estate Liquidation. What does this company do? Well they do something that very few other people in the world do, they have a 12,000 sq. ft. collection of antiques and collectibles that they sell for extremely low prices! Not only is the stuff they have unique & cool…but some of their pieces are one of a kind!

Let’s help out our friends at Call Renee Estate Liquidation and help them pick up a huge win in this contest! The contest permits people to vote once a day until October 9th (which is the deadline for the competition). Not only would I appreciate this, but Renee and her partners would also LOVE it if you could out their and help them get on top of this contest!

To vote for Renee or any other participants in this Dell Business project, click here or visit: http://www.youtube.com/dellbusiness. To view the other contestants and their videos, just simply click the arrow tabs side to side and feel free to place a vote towards any of these contestants! Remember you can vote once a day until October 9th so use up your freedom to vote!

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