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Posted on September 1, 2011

Logos – Your Heart & Soul

What is a logo?

Okay, we know we are killing some of you with this question and answer but it’s really important to define what a logo really is. The dictionary or other reference books will define the word “logo” as a symbol or small design that is used by an organization or business to identify themselves, their products, services, or vehicles.

In the online world though, does a logo really mean the same thing? Does a logo really go so much into depth that it is the life of your product? No, online the logo can’t really identify your products or services but it can do a few other very influential things to promote your online business.

The logo is basically the heart and soul of your website and online platform regardless of what your company does. Yes, it’s great to have customers purchase from you or find you but identifying a business like Fedex or Taco Bell or other popular franchises are so EASY because of what they have done over the years. Your online logo is the same thing!

What does my logo mean?

Let’s be realistic, if you don’t know what your own logo means…you are in a lot of trouble. A lot of people like to create a logo that has internal or personal meaning to them, but when a stranger sees the logo…they are completely confused. Logos are not FOR you but for your business, which is for the consumers/customers. Our San Diego graphic design firm has had a well renowned background for establishing superb logos for clients on the online platform..

Your logo has to do a lot of things for your business in as little space as possible. Logos have to be simple, effective, and professional while maintaining a strong sense of originality. Your logo has to represent your company name, services/products, and anything else you can possibly fit in their. A logo is just not the “images” you mix together but rather the smooth combination of the company name, slogan, and image to be uniformly formed as one.

If you are trying to make a logo as small as possible, you can’t possibly use 4-5 different images to explain your companies goals. You have to mix it up through the use of pictures and a slogan that is catchy as hell. Ever watched the “Pep Boys” commercials? If you haven’t, you really should watch those commercials just once. That jingle at the end of the commercial gets stuck in my head for hours on end….and it’s just from 10 seconds!

Successful logos..

Good logos are simple. This is the best advice you can find from anywhere and anybody. You don’t have to have a revolving 3D logo with glitter and fireworks to brand your company well on the online platform. As long as the key points listed below are embedded into your logo, you will have a VERY good chance of being successful online:

  • Slogan - Use one! Whether its a jingle, short phrase, or just something that rhymes…find something and use it. It really DOES you wonders to have a good slogan to follow your company name & images.
  • Fusion – The image can’t be a clip art copied and pasted into the side of your logo, that’s not a logo…that is garbage. You are striving to be the best in your industry and in the world, you have to spend the extra time in creating a logo that will reflect that. Your logo needs to be a fusion of the slogan, images, and company name as 1. It should look uniform and flow smoothly!
  • Color – Your colors used on the logo have to be reflective of your business. If you aren’t running a circus, stay away from using a rainbow in your logo unless it REALLY reflects what your business does. The use of color schemes must always be stressed as something that is very important to consider in the creation of your logo.

Plain and simple…

Making a logo isn’t rocket science but it also is not child’s play. Sit down, etch out a drawing on paper about what you want for your logo. Not only that but you have to put your ideas together with the idea of others. An artist is TRULY required to make a good logo as the final product.

Choosing a logo shouldn’t be an individual choice but rather a cooperative choice that needs to be focused on leaving an impression on the customer. If you have a solid logo with a good slogan and easy to remember, your clients will indeed remember you! They will come find you in the future and be reminded of you at anytime they see your logo again!

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