Meet The Founder

Early Life

Born on November 27th at Harbor UCLA Medical Center in the city of Torrance, I was the average newborn weighing in at 7.2 lbs. My parents at the time had just moved from India and were still adjusting to the very different lifestyle they faced in California. Being the baby I was, I did everything possible to make their lives miserable from crying to pooping everywhere (unintentionally of course). My family resided in a cozy apartment in Anaheim while my father attempted to work multiple shifts to help support the family. As most first generation Indian families in a new country, we struggled financially as well as getting accustomed to this new lifestyle.


Hard work proved to be the solution as usual, and my father’s dedication to work paid off as we were able to move up and were able to increase our standard of living fairly quickly. Throughout my childhood, there was one thing that constantly interested me as I grew up. I used to be glued to computers all day and night doing various things. At times, I seemed to be lost in my monitor from a young age whether I was playing games, surfing the net, or creating designs on the computer. My father at the time worked at a Medical Lab and began to work on his online start-up company simultaneously. Although, he found it extremely difficult to manage both jobs at the same time, he steadily began to grow his start-up company. This company was called, Inc. and essentially offered web design, web development, and online marketing to people in the Orange County area.


The Pre-Teen Years

Around the ages of 9 and 10, I began to love computers more than ever before. The first thing I would do after coming home from school was to sit on the computer for hours playing games and exploring what the internet had to offer. As a punishment for behaving badly, my parents used to confiscate my router and hide it for a few days. Most people wouldn’t be too bothered by losing their internet for a few days, but it drove me insane. I would spend hours on end trying to find where my parents had hidden the “magical” box. As usual, I would never find it but through a lot of crying and yelling, I was able to get the router back and go back to my leather chair. I would typically go to my dad’s website and submit a “fake quote” on his page, requesting the highest value websites with a fake name and number. As cruel as this sounds, this was my way of getting revenge on him for the times when he punished me.


The Baby Steps Into Business

As a kid, I loved the game of basketball (I still do today), playing for various leagues and watching the NBA on a regular basis. I then had an amazing idea of creating a website only about the various dunks in basketball, since they were the most exciting. I drove my father crazy until he supplied me with the domain name and provided me FrontPage (a website creation software). After a few weeks of pestering him on and off, he finally gave in and provided me the tools I had asked for. I loaded the software into my computer and began working intensely on my new website. I spent my days designing and developing the website and my nights researching on what “cool” features I can add the next day. The website was decent for a 10 year old, but it had a lot of flaws which I realize today.


I had no idea of what marketing was, so I had a website up but nobody coming to it. That didn’t matter to me though, I just loved opening up Internet Explorer (Mozilla wasn’t out yet – don’t worry I’m not crazy) and seeing my creation sitting before my eyes. I had probably gotten a whole 300 visitors in the few years the website was up (290 of which were probably me), but I loved what I had created so that was valuable enough. As time went by, I lost interest in the website and the domain expired and died out as my time spent on the computer shifted more towards gaming.


The Teen Years

I was the typical teenager, constantly annoyed by my parents and trying to stay away from them as much as possible. Around the age of 13-14, I never thought of money or ever worried about it. I just saw what the latest trends were and came running to my parents asking them to buy it for me. At this time, my father had also quit his job at the Medical Lab and begun dedicating all his time and efforts into his start-up. He began hiring more employees, growing his company, and eventually got his own office in Orange County. I watched as all this unfolded but never seemed to care too much about it and let my father do his own thing.


Eventually around the ages of 16 and 17 my father began to stop paying for all my things and asked me to get a job. He wanted me to get a job at the local fast food chain or local department store, but I was highly against this idea. He finally offered me a job working at his office for a few hours a day doing billing and assistant type work. I groggily agreed to this and went to work getting paid minimum wage while working in a “boring” office environment. I would hear my father on the phone constantly with potential customers, clients, and vendors discussing a variety of different things. I didn’t spend my time “eavesdropping” on his calls, but subconsciously I picked up information, tricks, and techniques from his phone calls. The job I had was a good one, but I never really enjoyed it and it seemed like time would go by slower than a snail. I mainly did it because I wanted the money and would rather work in an office then at a fast food chain.


Job Exploration

Eventually, I felt extremely bored of the job and began to look for different avenues to make money where I would enjoy working. I briefly looked into online poker and began playing for a few months only to scratch up $15 of profit in those 3 months. Soon after, all the online poker sites would be shut down due to violation of government laws and I still had nothing that I enjoyed. I gave a shot at tutoring younger children who needed help in basic subjects for a few hours a day. I tried this as well for a few months, aiding a 2nd grader in spelling, working with a 5th and 8th grader in Math, as well as working on Reading with a 4th grader. These jobs paid better than the job I already had, so I figured that was good enough for me to move to these jobs.


I got paid between $9-$15 an hour for these jobs and only had to work a few hours a day. I started off with 3 tutoring jobs with 3 different students. My first student was a 2nd grader who needed help in Spelling (he was a nice and enthusiastic kid). My second student was a rambunctious 4th grader who wanted to do anything but read. I quickly got very annoyed of the second student and decided to only tutor the 2nd grader. I had also picked up a tutoring gig on Sundays to tutor two kids for a few hours each morning. This was my best paying job till date as I made a whopping $15 an hour! These jobs were extremely boring and felt like they were never-ending, but I gave these jobs a try for a lot longer. I spent around 6 months doing these tutoring jobs until I finally realized this wasn’t the job for me.


The Entrepreneur In Me

Jobless, broke, and bored at home, I knew I needed to find something to do quick! A few weeks went by and I had no luck yet. I considered becoming a bank teller because it seemed like a good job for me (you are around money all the time) and of course it paid well. I spent the next week or two applying to the major banks around my area hoping to get a response back from one of them. Weeks went by, I got no responses and I decided to give up that idea. I realized being a college student and trying to find a job around my hours (one that I liked), would be very difficult to achieve.


I came around some various classified websites and began exploring the opportunities that these websites had. I decided to go into web design and web development and try to come up with a few gigs. In the beginning, I got a few gigs and decided to go back onto the same classified ads and attempt to hire someone to do the task for me while I kept a portion of the money. After my first project was done, I had cashed in on a whole $80 in just a day. I would then come across a very nice guy who wanted to work with me long term in designing/developing the projects as I gave them to him. We created a sort of team and started doing this. We were able to finish 1-2 projects a week and we were each making around $150 a week doing this. This was the perfect job for me because I got to do what I love, which is going on the computer while being at home.


However, this wasn’t enough for me and I knew I had to scale up somehow. I decided the first thing I needed was my own website and a company name to get started. After a few days of deliberation, I decided to choose the name JB Media Force. The JB was of course to outline my initials and the “Media Force” was to demonstrate that I was a company trying to attack the online media world. I kept the 1-2 gigs a week going while I began working heavily on designing and developing a website for my company as well as marketing my new project. I began trying to find other companies and people who I could work with in hopes of offering them some of the projects as I wanted to do more then 1-2 gigs a week. Eventually a few months later, my partner kind of disappeared and I began to get a lot more projects. My father decided to incorporate my company as a division under his while helping me set up my own design & development team to handle the projects.


JB Media Force, a California Website Design firm, began to grow very rapidly, we had a team of designers, developers, and online marketing experts who would aid me in completing the projects. This allowed me to go after as many projects as it was humanly possible since I had a work force. My father’s company began focusing on more custom websites and applications while shifting their focus to middle/bigger sized businesses. JB Media Force, an up and coming Website Design California company targets individuals, small businesses, start ups, and even the occasional mid-sized business. Being the young entrepreneur I am, my target market is also geared towards the younger audiences as our thinking capabilities are much more similar.



I am spending all my time on JB Media Force handling sales, operations, and marketing for my business. It took me a while, but I finally found the one thing I love. My time is spent working with my development team on projects, making sales pitches to various businesses, marketing my company & website, while also growing my company.


The Future

What does the future hold for me? Honestly, I really don’t know because it’s almost impossible to predict what will happen even 5 minutes from now. All I know is, I have found something I love doing and I want to focus on this for as long as I can. I don’t want to be just another web design or web development company, I want to be the best online media company there is. As a California Web Design founder, I have a gift that I feel is a must to spread with the rest of the world. I am able to help individuals, businesses, and almost anyone generate business for their products online.


Here is a quote that explains my thoughts exactly about time. “Every man’s life lies within the present; for the past is spent and done with, and the future is uncertain.” – Marcus Aurelius


Contact Me


To directly get in contact with me (Jeet Banerjee), feel free to email me at: I will promptly respond to all appropriate questions, concerns, and proposals that you may have to offer me!



Quick Profile

Jeet Banerjee
CEO & Web Expert
JB Media Force

Zodiac: Sagittarius
Location: California
Fav. Food: Italian
Fav. Sport: Basketball
Fav. Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Fav. Quote : “You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.” – Wayne Gretzky
The Dream: To make the next billion dollar corporation

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