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Posted on September 19, 2011

Why Google Loves PPC Marketing

Brilliance At Its Best

Google is brilliant, we already know that…but they are smart in sneaky ways. Ever heard of pay per click advertising? This is one of the things that makes Google millions of dollar and so many individuals and businesses fall for this sneaky trap that has been set by them. Sure, it sounds great…you advertise yourself on top of the search engines and you pay every time someone clicks your ad.

But who really is clicking your ad? Is it your customers or could it be the other guys? Well facts say 1/4 times someone clicks your pay per click ad on Google, they have no intention of getting whatever your website has to offer. As the leading SEO Santa Cruz company, we do offer pay per click advertising services to our customers but we highly recommend AGAINST it.

What’s So Bad About PPC?

  • Bid War – You are bidding against your competitors for what spot you hold on specific keywords. There is no way of controlling “who” clicks on your advertisement and how many times they click on it. To save $1 a click, your competitors will click your ads until your budget is used up for the month & they will repeat this process every month.
  • Time Frame – You don’t get to keep your ad at the top of the search engines for the whole month unless you are willing to cough up a LOT of money to Google to maintain that position. You are paying not only 2 to 3 times as much as you would for SEO, but your ad isn’t guaranteed to stay on the search engines for any specific period of time.
  • Are Your Customers Looking? – Well people typically understand and already know that these are ads and they simply decide to overlook them. It’s like watching television, the moment your show changes into a commercial, you are looking for something else because you simply hate commercials. Pay per click advertisements are the same way, people just look at them as an ad and don’t pay much attention to them.

What Does Google Get?

They get your money ofcourse! They promote pay per click advertising by giving you $75 coupons and other things because nothing makes Google more money than through people paying for the top positions on certain keywords. There are millions of words in the world that are searched on a daily basis and keywords range around $1-$8 a click!

Can you imagine how much money Google is making a month? The best part of all this is that Google actually makes a significant amount of money from competitors that click out the budgets of other websites. Google is taking your money through pay per click advertising because they want to sell it like the “easy” method of getting high search engine positioning.

What Does JB Media Force Think?

As tempting as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising may seem to you, simply don’t fall for Google’s evil trap! There are big name companies like Amazon, Ford, and Hyundai that have found it much more profitable to organically rank their website through (SEO) rather than PPC just because of how much money they were pouring in!

If you want to save your money and get better results (which I’m sure everyone would love to do), stay away from pay per click advertising. The better advertising venue is to use organic search engine optimization to generate traffic to your website. JB Media Force can offer you affordable solutions to not only get you potential customers to your website, but keep your position on the search engines for a long time period!

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