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Posted on December 9, 2011

Simple or Complicated?

The leading San Diego web design firm in California recently analyzed some of the most successful websites around the internet. What do some of the most visited, well known, and successful websites all have in common? They are all simple websites speaking in terms of the design.

The Analysis

If you have looked at Facebook, Google, or Twitter…..you are going to notice something common among all these websites. They are simple, to the point, and let the users know exactly what they do on their site! Websites don’t have to be filling in design and be complicated, if you can simplify life …why not do it? The reason for recent inventions are mostly to simplify the lives of users.

Putting together a complicated or intricate design isn’t always simple. The eyes are forced to look more intensely and look at more than just the simplicity of the website. If you look at Google, all they have on their website is a logo and a search bar….nothing else what so ever! That’s as simple as it can be and this is an amazing website because when you are at Google, you only want to search for something on the internet!

Next time you are planning to develop or design a website, instead of worrying about it how amazing the design of the website will be or how much information you want to give your visitors, consider using the simple route. If you can show everything your website has to offer in as limited space, colors, and design aesthetics as possible….your website will have a much larger conversion rate! People don’t have to look around throughout the website for what they want because if your website is done right, it will be right in front of their eyes!

With the shifting trends in the world and the necessity of a design that is simple for users to maneuver through, website owners are seemingly finding larger rates of success and conversion through simplistic designs. Facebook and Twitter are some of the biggest household names of the new century and their websites are as simple as counting from 1 to 10. The next time you are looking to design your website, keep in mind that simplicity is bliss for all!

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