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Posted on September 9, 2011

Profitable SEO Methods, What Are They? Well…We Wrote a Book About It…


Oh yeah, the rumors are true…we just had our own book published online very recently! A huge thank you to the CEO and writer of the book, Jeet Banerjee for putting together yet another work of art. So enough about us and our little ole’ achievements, lets talk about how this book can HELP you!

Okay…so the book is $2.99 but so is a cup of coffee at Starbucks. This book can definitely do things that a cup of coffee can’t do for you! Frankly, this book is one of the most helpful resources one can have for their SEO. You don’t need to be a search engine optimization expert to read this book because honestly anybody can use this book to help them with their online goals.

So…What’s It About?

Well in short, this book is completely about search engine optimization. Our San Diego SEO expert Jeet Banerjee, put this book together to help people who are practicing the wrong SEO methods. Ranking on the search engines is great especially if you have some professional doing it for you, but have you questioned to think about their methods?

It’s just like any other thing in life….we are accustomed to believing what our authorities tell us, but how many times are we right about it? This book highlights the key mistakes that are made on “purpose” by SEO professionals, which cause you to lose tons of profit that can be gained from the search engines.

Now….if I spill too much of the beans here, I will definitely be in a lot of trouble….but the book doesn’t just talk about what search engine optimization is (it does here and there) but rather it tells you what to avoid and what techniques to use to make sure you meet your online goals!


This is a damn good book that is recommended to everyone who is trying to get visible on the search engines. I’m not just saying this because my colleague wrote this book but rather because even I found interest in this book. It’s hard for me to open a book and go woah…okay this seems really cool, I’m going to finish this book.

This isn’t the worlds longest book or the most tedious book to read, it’s actually factual evidence that teaches you how to make more money. Honestly, who doesn’t love making money? This book is honestly all about making money through the search engines. True your search engine campaign may be making you some sort of money but how would you like to triple the money coming in from the search engines?

If you would like to triple the money you can possible make from the search engines and just learn about the common malpractices committed in the world of SEO, this book is definitely one for you to read! This book comes as an E-Book in a PDF format making it very simple to purchase and read! To purchase the book, simply click here!

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