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Posted on January 23, 2012

The Dare Devil Design

Got a crazy idea for a design on your website but not sure how the people will react? Well, everyone tells you throughout your life that it is OKAY to take a chance. The way the web works now a days is that you don’t have to do something “good” or even “sensible” to draw media attention. You see videos of little girls with dancing eyebrows picking up millions of views in just a few nights because it’s something “interesting” to them.

Creating a website with something out of the ordinary is never a bad thing. Even if it ends up being a complete fail (the design), your products and company is still put on the limelight if it can generate the proper media attention. Our San Diego Web Design company has been approached by many risk takers who have wanted to design and develop a website that is unique from the rest.

What exactly is a dare devil design is a common question people like to ask? There is no exact answer to this question. The best answer that we can provide for a dare devil design is a website that doesn’t follow the usual routine, layout, design, and setup. It does things that a website has never seen before either to better showcase/illustrate their companies views or just for the hell of it.

A dare devil design can be a big risk for many companies depending on their market. For any big firm in an industry where professionalism is highly hailed, it would not be recommended to make a dare devil design. However, if your industry is one in which creativity is extremely smiled upon, then why not take a shot at a dare devil design? Worst case you are generating hype for your company and website….and well that can’t be all that bad.

Overall, a dare devil design is something that any opportunist should definitely go after. If they feel that they can somehow benefit or bring their company or services into the lime light without damaging their brand, then it is an easy answer for them. This article was written by Jeet Banerjee.

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