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Posted on November 6, 2011

The Deception of Google Ad Sense

For some reason, a lot of people want to advertise on their website. Is Google ad sense the best choice for these advertisements? In a short term period, yes it is….because for the simple fact that you are probably lacking advertisers that will be willing to pay you any money for an advertisement spot.

Our SEO San Diego experts recently conducted a case study to see the value of Google Ad Sense in a direct comparison with External Advertisements. Google Ad Sense gets you approximately 1 or 2 cents a click….and for you to make a substantial amount of money on your website, you must have a ton of visitors. How do these people click ads..? Well, they accidentally press the ad and then you have just earned yourself 1 cent from another persons mistake!

Why is Google Ad Sense not the best choice? Well….it looks too much like spamming and popups. Everyone has popup blockers on their computer for their dislike of advertisements. Google Ad Sense gives you random ads and places them on your website which not only take away from the elegance and professionalism of your site, but also make it a bit of an annoyance to your users. In a short term period, if you are really shortchanged on cash …..then might as well use Google Ad Sense to pick up the few dollars you may (if you’re lucky) at the end of the month.

Long term wise, you should definitely be planning out your websites future. If your one of the millions of websites online that depend on advertisements from others to generate any sort of income, you might want to listen in. You have to generate traffic, that is the sole thing that your advertisers are looking for in your website. Also, it is better to get a relevant advertiser then an irrelevant one because that won’t help them or you.

It won’t help you because your users are probably not interested in a website full of cooking recipes if your website is a blog about football. Essentially, for your football blog…you would want to find other sporting organizations or stores place an advertisement on there. Getting Big 5 sporting goods to advertise on your website would be a win-win for both of you! Not only are you representing a company that a majority of your traffic will recognize (feel comfortable with), but also Big 5 sporting goods will maintain a long term advertising campaign with your website because they will find a lot of traffic being generated from your website.

Advertisement isn’t only about making the money, it’s about finding a way to strategically increase the money you make on a long term period. If you want to cash in with the biggest profit over a 3 year or 5 year term, you might want to have no advertisements for the first 1 or 2 years…generate and build a steady community, then start slowly introducing paid ads on your website.

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