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Posted on December 18, 2011

The Mobile Movement

Heard of that little thing called a cell phone? Oh wait…that was last year, now it’s called the smart phone. Yeah cell phones are evolving quicker than ever and a common fact about technology that everyone should know….”Technology only gets better and better.” The internet started in the 90’s as just a place to put up some information online and today you can find literally find the world through the internet.

With a larger number of users purchasing or adopting smart phones within their lives, the mobile is moving fast. Mobile phones have evolved from just having the ability to talk/text to be your computer on the go. Not only are mobile phones more compact, easy to use, flexible, and allow you to use the internet on the go…..but they are the evolved form of the computer.

Now the fact that mobile phones are growing are great, but how can this help you? Well regardless of what industry you are in, a website for your business is almost entirely a necessity. Now if you have seen the importance of a website, then it’s time you see the importance of going mobile. People who are searching for you from a mobile phone are more prone to not only purchase your product/offering, but to visit your store.

The reasoning behind this above statement is quite simple. When you are using your cell phone, you are usually on the road, at the doctors office, or somewhere outside of home (most of the time). When you are outside on the go, the majority of the times you are searching for something is because you intend to go their or purchase that immediately. Thus, if your mobile presence is even stronger than your web presence, then mobile searchers will easily be able to find you and access your business to their convenience.

For example, if you are the owner of a restaurant….it is almost mandatory for you to go mobile or basically watch your business crumble. With new programs like Siri for the Iphone 4S, mobile phones are being placed on a plateau of importance never seen before. How many people are in your area hungry looking for something to eat? Hundreds and hundreds of people and they are using their mobile phone or mobile secretary Siri to help them decide what they should eat.

Now if you are able to prominently place yourself in the mobile world….then when people are in your area looking for something to eat, they are easily able to find you (based on location) and thus you are generating a much higher rate of business. The leading SEO San Diego company, JB Media Force highly recommends that generating a strong presence on the mobile world is everything for any business that would like to thrive.

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