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Posted on October 20, 2011

The Page Rank Misconception

Everyone is fixated on the idea of the page rank on their website. How important or valid is this strong emphasis placed on page ranks? Well, it’s not very important and really doesn’t have much to do with your rankings. Page ranks have become a popular focus of more and more website owners, even though they really don’t matter at all!

Our SEO California experts have been doing various studies for the last few months to see if there are any indicative connections between your placement on search engines in comparison to your page rank! If you haven’t figured it out yet, there is basically no connection whatsoever with page rank and your placement on Google or ANY other search engine for that fact.

The Google definition of “page rank” is a number that determines a websites popularity! Page rank is just a number and that’s all it really is. The best way to compare page rank is to the high school students in any given school. The “popular” kids so to speak are the cheerleaders and the athletes and just because they are popular doesn’t mean that they are the smartest or even most influential people.

All a page rank does for your website is categorize the popularity of your site in comparison to the millions of other websites in the internet. The most popular sites like Youtube, Yahoo, and others yield a higher page rank or popularity mark because of the amount of people that visit their website and spend time on it. Search engine placement has nothing to do with popularity of your website as a whole but rather the relevancy of your website in comparison to that search term.

For example a local construction company and Walmart are both attempting to rank themselves on a specific keyword. Given the popularity of “Joes Construction Company” being very low and everyone in the USA knowing about “Walmart“, you would automatically assume that Walmart will indefinitely place way higher then Joes Construction Company for any keyword!

That is absolutely incorrect! If the keyword is “Construction Company Los Angeles” and Joes Construction Company caters to the Los Angeles market, they will actually outrank Walmart indefinitely on this keyword due to the higher relevancy found on Joe’s website. Why is this the case? If someone is looking for a construction company in Los Angeles, they sure as hell don’t want Walmart to show up! Walmart is not a construction company and will be unable to assist the needs of the user that is searching.

This is the same algorithm and theoretical thinking that is used by the experts down at Google, Yahoo, Bing, & other major search engines all over the world. A well-branded or popular company does NOT get the job done for everything. True, if the search term was “Cheap Plasma Screen TV”….then the big names like Walmart and others would be a relevant search term, but for a search word involving a local company to offer a service….Walmart is the worst possible choice!

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