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Posted on October 11, 2011

The Psychological Value Of Colors

Colors, really? Yes, really! Colors of your website is what makes the difference between whether a website is welcoming to your visitors or leaving them cringing in pain. It’s more of a sub-conscious thing than anything but it does tend to sway our purchasing viewpoints quite a bit.

Colors have meant a lot in the design of a website and really do depend on what your site is trying to offer. If you’re a floral shop, then using bright extravagant “pretty colors” is a great idea but if your a magician, these bright colors may not be such a great idea. These extremities in color are existent on every single notable industry. So…how do you do decide what’s a good or bad color choice?

Let the San Diego web design experts give you their years of knowledge in this field! After building so many websites and designing so many others, we have a pretty good idea of the importance of colors and how you should reflect the use of colors on your website. Let’s start with the basics of what these colors mean in terms of a web design:

  • Blue – One of the most popular colors in the world of web design and definitely for good reason! Some of the most popular brands such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and others use this color (ofcourse in their own shades of blue). Blue is a popular color among men and women that helps to show dependability, security, trust, and gives a cooling/welcoming effect.
  • Red – The color that’s mostly known as the color of grueling passion and anger! Red is most notably known as catching someones attention or giving out a warning type of signal (ofcourse in the darker more prominent shades of Red). Red is a great choice to use for your website when you have a product that craves attention because Red can definitely help your product jump out at your visitors!
  • Orange – Orange is the representational color of fun! It’s seen as an exciting and intuitive color. If you have a fun product or looking to sell something filled with excitement, then orange is definitely your color!
  • Green – Green is a more nature-filled color that shows growth and prosperity in terms of health. Green also represents money or wealth and shows freshness among a website. If your website brings about a healthy aspect, something that is fresh, or something involving wealth….then Green may be a very wise choice!
  • Yellow – Yellow is a color that is very rarely used in web design and it’s quite a surprise! Yellow shows a very positive effect to visitors as it has a very warming and welcoming effect to people. Yellow is a very homely color that draws very warming responses towards a website.
  • Brown – Very much so known as the “ugly” color even though it really shouldn’t be! Brown is mostly known as representing the Earth or durability but has quite often been perceived as dirty (due to dirt being brown). Even though its an unpopular color, it can be used very well to market your brand.
  • Pink – The color of femininity! Its a very bright, romantic, and sweet color that can also bring about a exciting, young, or fun feeling out in people. It’s also a great color that can be used to attract the attention of females in the younger generation and can be an effective marketing color.
  • Purple – Males hate it….why? We don’t know yet! Purple is often perceived as a color of creativity while it can also show royalty or a sense of high sophistication among products/companies.
  • White – Purity & cleanliness is the best way to describe white. Another word for it? It’s simple….white can really work with anything and everything, except if your a magician or something of that sort! If your in doubt of what color to use, white may be your best choice.
  • Black – Black has two sides to it. In one way it can show mystery or something that we may not know so much of (outer-space, galaxy, etc) while it can also show luxury, elegance, and expensiveness of a product. It is sometime seen as the best choice of colors to use in hopes of selling a product at a higher price!

The world has millions of colors that can be used or mixed to show your website through. The best choice overall is really dependent on what your company does and how best you feel a color can represent your company! There are companies such as UPS that have been successful with brown or companies like Victorias Secret that built their whole brand around pink, but it really depends on what fits your businesses needs!

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