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Posted on September 29, 2011

Turn It Up!

Pushing Your Company

Whether you’re a start up, a mid-sized business, or a huge corporation, you already know how important being online is for you! One major mistake made by businesses of all sizes is trying to figure out when to turn up the advertising for their company. Major companies like Google, Amazon, and others have found an advertising method to push their brand.

Do I agree with this? Hell no. Let me tell you why I think the way I do. Picking specific times to market your company harder than others is what can make the difference between whether your company makes a profit in a given year or doesn’t. The big companies can afford to advertise and push their company throughout the year because they already make enough to have to worry about it.

The Analysis

For someone that has to go on a monthly basis while keeping a close watch on their expenses and revenue, this will make a huge difference! Let’s move to why I think the way I think. Most of you are familiar with Google Analytics by now and know that this is a website tracker that tells you where your traffic comes from. Now being the search engine optimization California experts that we are, we sit down and track this data for a lot of our clients.

We almost always find a common pattern in this data among our clients unless they are running some kind of huge bonanza in a given period of time. Now this data can really help someone who is potentially thinking of pouring money into pay per click advertisement, yelp advertising, or any other source of advertisement.

Productive Advertising

When should you advertise? Well you should probably advertise in the months where you are predicted to have a decrease in orders. Plain and simple these are the periods that generate the most business and here is why we believe it to be so!

January – April: This is the start of the year, everyone is excited and well energized from a nice Christmas break! People come back with new goals that they want to achieve for their business and are ready to get occupied with work. This is the quarter when sales are the highest because people are refreshed and ready to get things done. This is a quarter when advertising should be turned down to maximize profits.

May – August: This is the quarter where people are getting exhausted and tired of work. The summer months are coming and people are looking to get away for a few days on vacation and the focus on work begins to decrease heavily. This is the time when your customers won’t be coming to you so it’s CRUCIAL that you go to your customers by upping your advertising budgets.

September – December: This time period is often overlooked by many as a time when people are too preoccupied with the holiday season to approach your business. WRONG! September is the month where the kids are off to school and the adults get a chance to focus in on their work while their kids are off at school for 6-7 hours. Aside from December, this is a time period where the sales can really benefit immensely because your customers will be coming to you looking for your products/services.


So what should you do? Well if it isn’t obvious from what’s been stated above….focus your business in this pattern. The first and last quarters of the year seem to be the most productive for businesses and thus is the time period that outside advertising should be kept at a minimum to maximize your profits. In the middle quarter, finding ways to get your companies ideas and services out to your client is vital if you plan to survive and meet your yearly goals!

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