Privacy Policy

JB Media Force is committed to protecting the privacy and personal information that visitors may provide us for informational purposes. This information is necessary in order to provide appropriate service to our clients/visitors. Our clients/visitors information will only be used for their project purposes and will not be distributed, sold or rented to any third party involuntarily.

Our sites "Free quote" & "Careers" form requires the user to provide contact and company information. This information will be used to respond to your request and serve you better.

You recognize and understand that there is no obligation on you to provide JB Media Force with your personal information. Also information provided by you is with your full consent and own decision. You understand that we are under no obligation to verify the accuracy of the information source, and we assume that it is provided by you with your full approval unless notified by you regarding fallacy of particular information.

The JB Media Force website may have links to other websites such as JB Media Force partners and affiliates. JB Media Force is not responsible for the content or the privacy of these affiliated websites or any other links that redirect the user to external sites.

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