web maintenance california

Web Maintenance California

Website Maintenance California

Technology moves fast, we help you keep up with monthly maintenance & updates to your website for a very low price!

If you want your web site to work efficiently and capture your target market, then it needs to be maintained regularly. Maintaining a web site is often a labor intensive and intricate task. To do it effectively you need experts like us to help your website stay as up to date as possible. At JB Media Force, we offer personalized web maintenance in California and chalk out plans that assure timely changes and updates for your site. You simply tell us how much time you want us to spend on your website on a monthly basis. Then, we can easily deploy a customized maintenance plan to fit any budget.

Our maintenance plans offer:

  • Updates and tweaks to keep your website running smooth.
  • Monthly changes to keep your visitors updated.
  • Installation of new software as it is released.
  • Monthly database back ups to ensure all data is safely stored.
  • Around the clock (24/7) support for any technical issues necessary on your website.

Let us maintain and manage your website while you maximize your profits! We are one call/click away from keeping your site up to date with the latest technology.

For a free consultation call us now at: (619) 272-3890